Temple of Poseidon

At the peak of Cape Sounion lies this impressive temple, leading up towards it on three sides are trails of ancient archaeological roads and evidence of existence from so long ago and free to look at and roam around at your leisure. The final side is a sudden drop towards an ocean that spans towards … Continue reading Temple of Poseidon

Sunset in Glyfada

Just after a few days of evening storms that flooded the streets we finally were able to access the beach in the evenings and the result was the most amazing sunset I had ever witnessed. After taking an ungodly amount of photographs, my friend and I went swimming in the ocean and there was something … Continue reading Sunset in Glyfada


I was having a bad day. I had really important work due and a lot of it and there was a moment where stress was really getting to me so I went for a walk in the grounds of the National Archives building which is where I was doing research for my work. I had … Continue reading Rogue

Resting Deer

There is something so infinitely vulnerable about deer. Growing up they were a huge part of my childhood, and I always seemed to be able to be among them without scaring them. I’m not sure if it was an awareness that I had no intention of hurting them or just because all I would do … Continue reading Resting Deer


It is said that a cat won’t sleep around you properly unless it trusts you completely. This was the moment I knew that this cat loved me, because she was twitching in her dreams. In her sleep she was worlds away but her sleeping body was right beside me as I read a book in … Continue reading Trust

Sunset in Corfu

I took this photograph in 2015 during a sunset cruise in Corfu. I had taken a tour to the Blue Lagoon with the ship and had an amazing time sailing. I had been to a waterpark, and the Captain showed us his home town, a tiny seaside village in a very tropical and undeveloped region … Continue reading Sunset in Corfu