Temple of Poseidon

At the peak of Cape Sounion lies this impressive temple, leading up towards it on three sides are trails of ancient archaeological roads and evidence of existence from so long ago and free to look at and roam around at your leisure. The final side is a sudden drop towards an ocean that spans towards … Continue reading Temple of Poseidon

When everything falls

What do you do when everything falls? Everything you’ve worked for, suffered for, struggled to build. What happens when it all crashes down around you? It’s what I’m asking myself right now. Surely the only option is to rebuild. The real question is how do you rebuild? Do you remake what you had before but … Continue reading When everything falls

Big TV break?

So recently an opportunity came up for me to apply for a television show for trans people, following their transition for a few years. I kind of want to apply? I’m torn… I’m a pretty private person when it comes to serious things, I hate being serious and I hate talking about serious topics, and … Continue reading Big TV break?