Sunset in Glyfada

Just after a few days of evening storms that flooded the streets we finally were able to access the beach in the evenings and the result was the most amazing sunset I had ever witnessed. After taking an ungodly amount of photographs, my friend and I went swimming in the ocean and there was something … Continue reading Sunset in Glyfada

Learning a new Language

I have decided after long last to learn French. Growing up in England, French was always pushed on me very aggressively as they are our closest foreign neighbours (though I guess actually language-wise that should be some kind of Gaelic but we never were encouraged to learn that – shows how much we still don’t … Continue reading Learning a new Language

Baby’s first Binder~!

So I got my first real binder. Part of me expected it to feel like this huge momentous occasion, something magical and Earth-shattering…and yet my day was just the same at it would have been had I not been wearing a binder. I didn’t develop superpowers or breathe fire. It was just a normal day. … Continue reading Baby’s first Binder~!