I was having a bad day. I had really important work due and a lot of it and there was a moment where stress was really getting to me so I went for a walk in the grounds of the National Archives building which is where I was doing research for my work. I had … Continue reading Rogue

Resting Deer

There is something so infinitely vulnerable about deer. Growing up they were a huge part of my childhood, and I always seemed to be able to be among them without scaring them. I’m not sure if it was an awareness that I had no intention of hurting them or just because all I would do … Continue reading Resting Deer


It is said that a cat won’t sleep around you properly unless it trusts you completely. This was the moment I knew that this cat loved me, because she was twitching in her dreams. In her sleep she was worlds away but her sleeping body was right beside me as I read a book in … Continue reading Trust

Sunset in Corfu

I took this photograph in 2015 during a sunset cruise in Corfu. I had taken a tour to the Blue Lagoon with the ship and had an amazing time sailing. I had been to a waterpark, and the Captain showed us his home town, a tiny seaside village in a very tropical and undeveloped region … Continue reading Sunset in Corfu